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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a very cost effective means of providing heating and hot water. The pumps are electrically powered appliances consisting of a compressor and two carefully matched heat exchangers. 

Heat pumps use similar technology to that in domestic refrigerators or freezers but in reverse. The heat pump works by extracting low grade heat from the air outside which is then used to heat water and provide heating.

Air Source Heat PumpsAir Source Heat Pumps
Renewable Energy

We can Install your Air Source Heat Pump

There are a number of benefits when using an Air Source Heat Pump. Capital cost is lower as they are normally self contained units without additional heat transfer requirements such as ground pipe work. This also means that installation costs are lower as the Heat Pump simply needs siting in an appropriate position and connecting to the mains supply electricity and plumbing system.

An air source heat pump makes perfect sense where there is no gas supply available or as a replacement or alternative for oil or solid fuel systems. It will also reduce your CO2 emissions and your heating bills. When used without any other source of renewable electricity you can expect running costs comparable to a modern gas boiler. 

They really come into their own when combined with solar pv or micro wind turbines systems because you are simply using the electricity you generate to heat your home or business.

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