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They say if you can organise your kitchen you can organise your life! We know that when you imagine your kitchen you imagine every detail, the lighting, the flooring, the appliances, where your favourite things will go and how you will use the space.
Kitchen Design & InstallationKitchen Installation

Kitchen Design & Installation

When planning a kitchen we look at how every detail needs to be thought about to create that perfect room.

We look at everything from how many pans you have, to where your children sit to do their homework or where you read the morning paper and we work with you to make sure that we design to how you live.

Having craftsmanship at our core and making each piece of furniture individually, means the way from how your cupboards open, what goes on show and what is hidden is all created especially for you.

Bathrooms North Wales

Our bathrooms are entirely thought of with eco in mind. We incoporate eco-technologies to heat the water and reuse modern technologies to reuse and recycle the water throughout your house saving you money. Our thin, ribbon underfloor heating can heat your bathroom quicker, more efficiently, and cheaper.
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