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Quick Build Extensions

By using our Quick Build Structurally Insulated Panels we can reduce the build time of your extension.
Quick Build ExtensionSingle Storey Extension
Quick Build Extensions

Single Storey Extension

For a single storey extension we can use the Quick Base foundation system to build on. Because the SIPs are lightweight there is no need to use traditional foundations, meaning that in many cases the footing for your new extensions can be completed in just one day.

The SIPs walling system is also an incredibly fast way to build. Each panel is cut to size prior to delivery and simply lifted into position and fixed into a base channel.

Quick Build Extensions

2 Storey Extensions

The Structurally Insulated Panels are capable of being built up to 3 storeys in height, the same as a traditional brick built house, anything higher requires a steel or concrete frame. 

The panels are fully load bearing and can easily support block and beam flooring.

2 Storey ExtensionBrick Slips and Insulated Render
Quick Build Extensions

External Finishes

You can choose from any kind of external finish, traditional brick, insulated render, brick slips or cladding.

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