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Heats up to 80% faster than traditional underfloor heating

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  • Heats up to 80% faster than most underfloor heating
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to repair
  • No screed required
  • Heats up in just 3 minutes compared to 1 hour
Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating North Wales

Electric underfloor heating system have many advantages over other types of similar systems. It is easy to install, cost efficient to run, is suitable for use under any floor type and at only 3mm thick you will not have any problems with room heights.
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Underfloor HeatingUnderfloor Heating Installation

We Sell and Install Electric Underfloor Heating

Because under floor heating runs at much lower temperatures than radiators you can expect a substantial saving of your energy bills. When it is installed correctly underfloor heating provides a uniform heat throughout the area in which it is installed.

We recommend the amorphous metal underfloor heating system from AHT. 

It uses the newest technology on the market which has in turn superseded other heating technologies. Due to the advanced engineering and robust design the AHT underfloor heating ribbons come with a 15 year warranty compared to 10 years from its nearest rivals.

The flat ribbon underfloor heating is so slimline it can be fitted directly under any floor covering including carpet as a primary heat system.

The flat ribbons are wide and close together meaning that they do not need to heat up to high temperatures. In fact the ribbons can heat a room with working temperatures as low as 26C - 28C degrees.

The same heating mats can be installed under carpet, laminate, wood, slate, ceramic, stone, vinyl, travetine, etc. as the only heat source.

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